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  • Filter dust collector
Filter dust collector

Filter dust collector


Product Brief

The filter cartridge dust collector is composed of a filter cartridge as a filter element or a pulse spray dust collector. According to the installation method, the filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into oblique insertion type, side installation type, hanging installation type and top installation type. Filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collector, composite fiber filter cartridge dust collector, antistatic filter cartridge dust collector, flame retardant filter cartridge dust collector, membrane filter cartridge dust collector, Nano filter dust collector, etc.

working principle

After the dust-containing gas enters the dust hopper, due to the sudden expansion of the air flow section and the action of the air flow distribution plate, a part of the coarse particles in the air flow settle in the ash hopper under the action of dynamic and inertial forces; Through the combined effects of Brownian diffusion and sieve filtering, the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter material, and the purified gas enters the clean room and is discharged by the exhaust pipe through the fan.


① Because the filter material is folded into a tube, the filter material is densely arranged, so the dust collector has a compact structure and small volume;

②The height of the filter cartridge is small, easy to install, and the workload of use and maintenance is small;

③ The filtering area of the same volume dust collector is relatively large, the filtering wind speed is small, and the resistance is not large;

④ The pleating of the filter material requires strict sealing at both ends and no air leakage, otherwise the effect will be reduced.