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Dust removal equipment

  • Electrostatic precipitators
Electrostatic precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators


working principle:

  1. When the gas containing dust particles passes through the high-voltage electric field formed between the cathode line (also called corona electrode) connected to the high-voltage DC power supply and the grounded anode plate, the corona discharge occurs in the cathode and the gas is ionized. At this time, the negatively charged gas ions, under the action of the electric field force, move to the sun plate, and during the movement, they collide with the dust particles, so that the dust particles are negatively charged, and the charged dust particles are under the action of the electric field force. It also moves toward the anode, and when it reaches the anode, it emits the charged electrons, and the dust particles are deposited on the anode plate, and the purified gas is discharged out of the dust filter.

(The dust particles are charged with a strong electric field, and when they pass through the dust removal electrode, the positively / negatively charged particles are respectively adsorbed by the negative / positive electrode plate, which achieves the purpose of dust removal)

  2. The ionic electricity is sprayed from the electrostatic blowing nozzle onto the work piece, so that the electrostatic dust on the work piece loses its electrical property, and the work piece is blown out of the work piece, and then the dust is forcibly absorbed to achieve the effect of removing static electricity and dust on the surface of the work piece;

Cleaning effect up to 0.3

  3. The system provides excellent surface cleaning effect for both flat and three-dimensional surfaces. With the cooperation of the destaticizing ions, the airflow blown out by the rotating action of the rotating air nozzle can blow up the dust on the surface of the workpiece and suck it away through the dust hood.

  4. In order to achieve the best cleaning effect, the number of rotating air nozzles and the dust suction structure of the dust hood can be optimized according to the customer's special process.

Production characteristics:

  Compressed air is used to clean the dust and moisture on the surface of the workpiece. The compressed air rotates the rotary nozzle at high speed, and the high-frequency pulse airflow is used to achieve a uniform airflow impact on the surface of the workpiece. To achieve the best surface cleaning effect. The rotating diameter of the rotating nozzle is optional.

  Install gun, fan, and rod static elimination equipment at the front of the painting equipment and the assembly line, which can effectively eliminate the static electricity on the workpiece and remove the dust absorbed on the workpiece, so as to make the sprayed workpiece more beautiful, durable, and more grade. high.