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Sand processing equipment

  • S52 series centrifugal regeneration machine
S52 series centrifugal regeneration machine

S52 series centrifugal regeneration machine


S52 series centrifugal regenerator has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable use, convenient maintenance, low investment, low energy consumption, good regeneration effect, etc. It is an ideal resin sand regeneration equipment for small and medium-sized foundry workshops.

working principle:

  1. The working mechanism of the machine is composed of two sets of rotor mechanisms

  2. The unregenerated resin sand that enters from the feeding port during work falls under the action of gravity. When it falls on the cylindrical area formed by the rotation of the sand blasting disc, it collides with the blades on the sand blasting disc. Attached to the surface of the blade, the blade ends are thrown at high speed as the blade makes a slewing motion, and the thrown sand and the surrounding ring collide, causing the resin film to break and fall off.

  3. The sand after a single impact falls into the machine basin. Because the distance between the two sand outlets is relatively long and the caliber is small, most of the sand falling into the machine basin cannot be discharged from the sand outlet, and it is thrown away again. Propelled to form a second blow to the sand and cause a violent movement between the sand particles, so that the sand is further regenerated, the resin film and fine powder falling off are drawn by the suction fan through the air separator.


technical parameter:

型号 S522II S525II S528II S5210II
生产率(t/h) 3 5 8 10
电机功率(kw) 2*3 2*4 2*5.5 2*7.5
电机转速(r/min) 1430 1440 1440 1440
抛砂盘转速(r/min) 1242 1242 750 750
抽风量(m3/h) 1500 1800 2000 2500