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  • Resin sand production line
Resin sand production line

Resin sand production line


Product introduction:

The resin sand regeneration line is composed of magnetic separation belt conveyor, vibration crushing regeneration machine, centrifugal rotor secondary secondary regeneration machine, sand storage, bucket elevator (3 sets), mobile double-arm continuous resin sand mixing machine, pulse Composed of equipment such as a blowback dust collector.

Process flow:

  1. After pouring, the sand box and castings are hoisted to the inertial vibratory sand shaker by the truck. After the sand falling treatment, the castings are transported to the cleaning shovel workshop, and the sand boxes are transported to the sand box storage for standby.

  2. Large pieces of skins, risers are manually sorted, the sand, grit and small pieces of cold iron fall through the falling sand grid to the magnetic separator belt conveyor, and after magnetic separation, they are transported to the multifunctional vibratory crushing regenerator for crushing. After stripping and sieving, the sand after sieving enters the 1 # bucket elevator, which is lifted from the elevator to the centrifugal rotor secondary regeneration machine for strong regeneration to fully remove the film.

  3. The reclaimed sand mixed with fine powder, dust and resin film flows into the flow curtain air separator through the flow sand tank. The air separator is connected to the cyclone dust collector and pulse type blowback dust collector to remove the fine powder and dust.

  4. The reclaimed sand is then lifted to the sand store by a 2 # bucket elevator. The feed inlet at the upper part of the mobile double-arm continuous resin sand mixer is connected to the sand outlet at the bottom of the sand silo by a pneumatic shutter. After pressing the sand mixing button of the sand mixing electrical control box, the pneumatic shutter opens automatically The sand flows into the sand mixer from the sand store.

  5. In the sand mixer, the sand is conveyed forward through the spiral piece to the beginning of the sand mixing, the curing agent is added from the proximal control valve, and the resin is added by the small blade to the rear proximal valve, and the resin is added to the sand mixing end.

  6. The curing agent, resin, and reclaimed sand are fully mixed and sent to the front outlet to automatically flow into the prepared sand box for modeling and core making. This equipment is controlled by imported PLC (programmable and controllable) with excellent automation performance and is suitable for small and medium-sized foundry enterprises in resin sand process.


product advantages:


  1. Three-dimensional, cad, machinery, technology, automobile, catia, pro / e, ug, inventor, solidedge, solidworks, caxa, space-time, Zhenjiang 1 c4 V. \% {2 V4 I0 X5 t

  2. The casting has high dimensional accuracy and clear external contours; the casting has a smooth surface and good appearance quality; the structure is dense and the overall quality of the casting is high.

  3. Resin sand has good fluidity, easy compaction, adjustable demoulding time, high strength after hardening, and no deformation during subsequent handling and boxing;

  4. Due to the high stiffness of resin sand, the displacement of the invisible wall is basically invisible during the casting and solidification process, so the dimensional accuracy of the casting is high. It can be improved by 1-2 grades than the casting produced by clay sand and oil sand.

  5. No drying is required, which shortens the production cycle and saves energy. The drying process is omitted, the molding sand is easy to compact, and the disintegration is easy to clean, etc., which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers and creates conditions for the realization of mechanized production.


Product disadvantages:

  ①The curing time is required after molding, and multiple sets of molds must be made when the batch is large;

  ② High quality requirements for raw sand;

  ③The molding and pouring site has an irritating smell during the production process, and free formaldehyde is present in the air;

  ④Resin sand production is used, the cost is higher, and should be considered comprehensively