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Sandblasting equipment

  •  Pēn shā fáng 3/5000 Sandblasting room
 Pēn shā fáng 3/5000 Sandblasting room

Pēn shā fáng 3/5000 Sandblasting room


Product introduction:

The sandblasting room is suitable for cleaning and cleaning large steel structural parts, providing continuous sandblasting in a sealed chamber, and the steel sandblasting facility provides continuous optimal production efficiency. Each function of the blast room design, including the degree of automation, is to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Normally, continuous saving of steel shots can pay for your entire facility alone.

Product Composition:

The sandblasting room is mainly composed of sandblasting room body, sandblasting machine, abrasive conveying system, bucket elevator, dust collector, lighting system, electric control system, electric trolley and so on.

Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai sandblasting room standard configuration:

①All-welded steel structure chamber

② Labyrinth screen inlet

③Cold shot lamps

④Install a safety switch on the entrance door

⑤Spiral recycling system

⑥ Bucket elevator

⑦ Steel shot recycling

⑧Sandblaster of filter cartridge type dust collector

⑨Remote control system

⑩Precision steel shot metering valve

⑪Blasting hose assembly

⑫Boron carbide nozzle

⑬Double remote control hose is equipped with safety operation valve

⑭Safety equipment for operators:

⑮Vortex refrigeration tube sandblasting helmet

⑯Activated carbon and particulate filter

⑰Carbon monoxide monitoring and alarm system

⑱ Breathing hose

⑲Leather sandblasting gloves

Product advantages:

  Sand blasting rooms offer greater potential, increase safety and reduce operating costs when you clean and organize large workpiece surfaces. In a specially designed sandblasting room, sandblasted steel shots and debris are isolated from the external environment. Operators, equipped with Xinhua Shengtai safety equipment can be fully protected.

  Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai sandblasting room, the leading manufacturer of sand blasting equipment, customers who have purchased Xinhua Shengtai sandblasting room equipment can experience the innovation of our company sandblasting room equipment system.