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Steel tube shot blasting

  • Steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine
Steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine

Steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine



Equipment introduction:

  The steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine is a new type of shot blasting cleaning equipment. The control part is composed. The plate welding parts of this machine are all shot blasted to improve the anti-rust performance and paint film adhesion.

Equipment advantages:

  1. The equipment adopts electromagnetic speed regulation, high-speed feeding and sending, to ensure that the workpiece is completely shot blasted and strengthened.

  2. The equipment adopts shallow pit design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

  3. The use of large shot blasting volume and high shot speed (Swiss + GF + DISA shot blasting technology) centrifugal shot blasting device significantly improves the cleaning efficiency and can obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

  4. A pellet collecting hopper and a screw conveyor are provided to collect the projectiles that are brought out and scattered by the workpiece.

  5. Equipped with a blasting time accumulation timer function to guide the replacement of wear-resistant parts such as blaster blades.

  6. Simulated projectile diagram (including the determination of the model, number and spatial arrangement of the shot blasting machine) and all drawings of the shot blasting machine are completely drawn by computer-aided design (CAD). . The utilization rate and labor productivity of the projectile are improved, the cleaning effect is ensured, and the wear of the chamber body guard plate is reduced.

  7. ZGMn13 is used for protection in the cleaning room, and the protective plate is fixed by a special nut, which is simple and convenient to replace and has a long service life. It is the best room protection plate in the current shot blasting equipment.

  8. The separator adopts the technology of BE-type full-curtain type separator of American Panbang Company, and the separation effect is good.

  9. The projectile control system adopts the air control valve control independently developed by our company, which is simple and reliable.

Application range:

  The steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine can not only remove the oxide scale or rust on the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece, clean the oil and other impurities on the workpiece, but also eliminate the stress of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, and meet the regulations. The roughness and hardness of the machine, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the entire surface and internal quality of the workpiece, the machine is particularly suitable for oil pipeline anti-corrosion engineering.