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Steel tube shot blasting

  • Steel pipe shot blasting derusting machine
Steel pipe shot blasting derusting machine

Steel pipe shot blasting derusting machine


Equipment introduction:

 Steel pipe shot blasting derusting machine is a combination of rust and shot blasting machine for cleaning the inner and outer walls of steel pipes. The inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe are cleaned by high-speed shot blasting. . Different cleaning equipment and methods can be selected according to the treatment of the inner and outer surfaces to achieve a better cleaning effect.

Equipment advantages:

 This machine is suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of large and medium-sized steel pipes. The cleaned steel pipe exhibits silver-white metallic luster, and its surface tensile and compressive strength is improved. This machine is a pass-through type, which continuously conveys the workpieces on the roller table and rotates while moving without manual feeding. The production efficiency is high and the cleaning effect is good.

technical parameter:

1. Clean up the steel pipe size

] Minimum steel pipe diameter Ф1500mm

] Maximum steel pipe diameter Ф3200mm

] Length of steel pipe 12000mm

] Cleaning speed 1.5m / min

] Cleaning width 1000mm

] Cleaning scope Remove the entire steel pipe with 200mm blind zone at each end of the steel pipe

] Cleaning effect SA2.5

] Cleaning room guard plate material 10mm rolled Mn manganese steel guard plate

] Room body guard life 5000-8000 hours

] Total length of equipment 3000mm

] Equipment width 3000mm

] Total equipment height 4000mm

2. Shot blasting device (Japanese SINTO technology)

] Model HQ30

] Power 1 18.5KW

] Shot blasting capacity 1 300kg / min

3. Hoist

] Lifting capacity 30t / h

] Power 1.5KW

4. Separator

] Separation capacity 30t / h

5. Screw conveyor

] Delivery capacity 30t / h

] Power synchronization with boost

6. Pill delivery pipeline

] Working pressure 0.4-0.6MPa

7. Steel pipe rotation power 0.75KW * 2 frequency conversion speed regulation

8. Move the platform forward and backward

9. Left and right mobile platform

] Power 1.5KW

] Track length 18 meters (user-supplied)

10. Dust removal system

] Dust collector model HLV-4 cartridge dust collector + settlement

] Handling air volume 3000-4000m3 / h

] Fan power 3 KW

11. Total power 43 KW

  Gas consumption 0.5m3 / min 0.6-0.8Mpa user-supplied