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Steel tube shot blasting

  • Large oil storage tank shot blasting machine
Large oil storage tank shot blasting machine

Large oil storage tank shot blasting machine


Equipment introduction:

  Large oil tank shot blasting machine blasts steel grit and steel shots to the surface of the oil tank and steel plate through the high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the steel pipe and form a certain anchor depth on the surface of the steel body to increase the coating The adhesion of the layer can also eliminate the residual stress on the surface of the oil tank and steel plate due to shearing, welding, forming and other processes.


Equipment advantages:

  1. The large-scale oil storage tank shot blasting machine is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. The waste materials and pollutants generated in the blasting machine are all collected by the industrial-grade environmental protection collected by the equipment.

  2. The steel shot can be automatically recovered and separated to achieve recycling; the construction efficiency is very high, and different treatment speeds and strengths can be selected to meet the actual derusting needs of users;

  3. Direct cleaning without harming the steel matrix;

  4. The air volume of the separator is too large. Adjust the air baffle properly until the dust removal effect can be ensured, but it is better not to suck out the projectile. Various road paving in the city can be cleaned with a shot blasting machine

  5. The rust removal effect is good, the surface cleanliness can reach SA2.5 ~ SA3, and at the same time, a certain depth of anchor pattern is formed on the surface to improve the adhesion of the coating.

Application range:

Large oil storage tank, tunnel wall waterproofing, battleship hull maintenance, etc.

working principle:

  A high-speed turbine is used to throw the carrier (steel shot) in an instant; hit the surface of the object and bounce back into the bin. The machine needs to hang a steel wire rope above the body for its work movement; plus the machine itself Four powerful magnets are attached to the surface of the steel structure object to ensure the tightness of their work. The four magnets are wrapped under the support points of the four magnets to allow the machine to move up and down, left and right.