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Rotary shot blasting

  • Rotary table shot blasting machine
Rotary table shot blasting machine

Rotary table shot blasting machine

Product Brief

   Q35 series rotary table shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for the production of surface cleaning of small and medium-sized workpieces, especially suitable for surface strengthening treatment of gears, shafts, springs, sintered parts of tie rods, etc. It is widely used in casting and automobile manufacturing, with high production efficiency and sealing The effect is good, the structure is compact, the loading and unloading parts are convenient, and the technical content is high.



  1. The rotary table shot blasting machine is mainly composed of a chamber body, a turntable, a transmission system, a separator, a hoist, a shot blasting device, a shot blasting device, and the like. With good azimuth ejection, when the workpiece is turned out of the chamber with the turntable, you can directly see the cleaning effect for the next step.

  2. Drive the pill scraper to rotate through the transmission system, and send the pill sand to the lower part of the elevator through the flow pill tube, and then lift the separator to the separator for separation. , The broken projectiles and dust then enter other corresponding pipelines separately for secondary separation.

  3. The transmission mechanism of the rotary table shot blasting machine is driven by the cycloidal pin wheel reducer to drive the friction wheel, and friction transmission occurs with the rotary table through a clutch mechanism to make the rotary table rotate smoothly. When the workpiece is transferred out of the room, it can be used to directly flip the adjustment and the cleaned workpiece; according to the difference of the cleaned workpiece and the difficulty of loading and unloading the flipped workpiece, the clutch handle can be pulled at any time to disengage the friction wheel and the turntable, which is the turntable Stop and adjust the workpiece, then change the position of the handle, and the turntable will start to rotate again.

Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai has developed a variety of rotary table shot blasting machines to meet customer needs for material turnover. In addition to the traditional fixed turntable shot blasting machine, there are also shot blasting machines with one or two moving turntables. This type of equipment allows new parts to be loaded while processing other parts, thereby reducing processing time.

Qingdao Xinhua Shengtai has extensive experience in the field of shot blasting machines, and can provide customers with machines of various sizes, processing parts weighing up to 150 tons. Our company's rotary table shot blasting machine can provide maximum flexibility for your shot blasting machine operation. Whether you are cleaning welded structural parts, cleaning and removing burrs from castings, or performing shot blasting on parts that require strengthening, rotary table shot blasting machines can help reduce the time required for production