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Through shot blasting

  • Steel structure shot blasting machine
Steel structure shot blasting machine

Steel structure shot blasting machine


Product Brief

The steel structure roller pass-through shot blasting machine is a multi-functional steel pretreatment line for cleaning welded structural parts, H steel, section steel, grids, and steel plates. The blasting device is arranged in multiple angles. The world's most advanced unit disk blade high-efficiency blasting device is used to project high-speed dense projectile beams, striking various parts of the original steel, and performing three-dimensional and all-round cleaning to make The rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale and dirt on each surface of the steel quickly fall off to obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness, improve the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface, and improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel , Improve the inherent quality of steel and extend its service life.

working principle

  1. The steel structure shot blasting machine is a high-function shot blasting equipment for continuous feeding of the roller table. During the cleaning process, the electrically controlled adjustable speed roller table sends the steel structure or steel material into the shot area of the cleaning machine room. , All sides of the body are struck and rubbed by strong dense projectiles from different coordinate directions, so that the oxide scale, rust layer and dirt on it are quickly shed, and the steel surface obtains a smooth surface with a certain roughness. Loading and unloading of workpieces at the import and export roller table.

  2. The projectile and rust dust falling on the steel are blown by the sweeping device, and the scattered dust mixture is conveyed by the recovery screw to the chamber funnel. In the separator, the separated pure projectile falls into the separator hopper for the shot blasting cycle.

  3. The dust generated during the shot blasting is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected.


 型号  Q698  Q6910  Q6915  Q6920  Q6925  Q6930  Q6940
 有效清理宽度mm  800  1000  1500  2000  2500  3000  4000
 室体进料口尺寸mm  800*1600  1000*260  1500*400  2000*400  2500*800  3000*800  4000*400
 清理工件长度mm  1200-12000  1200-12000  1200-6000  1200-12000  3000-12000  2400-12000  4500-18000
 辊道输送速度m/min  0.5-4  0.5-4  0.5-5  0.5-4  0.5-4.5  0.5-4  2-8
 清理工件厚度mm  3-60  4-60  4-60  4-60  4-60  4-110  4.5-100
 抛丸量kg/min  8*160  8*160  4*160  6*160  6*250  6*360  8*360
 首次装入量kg  4000  4000  4000  4500  4500  8000  11000
 辊道刷调节高度mm  200  200  350  450  600  850  900
 通风量m3/h  17560  12000  19000  19550  27758  28050  38000
 功率kw  78.3  78  113.5  156.6  224.55  204.8  293.6

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